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Friday 3 July 2015

First Time Experience at STRIP: Ministry of Waxing

Who know the Strip: Ministry of Waxing? Are you a wax virgin? Do you have hair like above orang utan? hehehe..

Honestly I'm die hard fan of waxing my bottom leg. Only legs because the hair is very thick and not smooth. Previously I waxed my bottom leg by myself. I'll buy a Veet wax strip every month but the result was not satisfying. My skin felt so itchy and dry. 

One day I read about Strip in someone blog, sorry I can't remember who she was. She wrote about her first time amazing experience at the Strip. Then, I called and made a reservation at The Curve because it's very near to my house. 

This is main entrance of the Strip. See.. the hairy guy already waiting you at front. I'm here because I want to wax my bottom leg, I don't have any courage to do the Brazillian Wax. Yeah.. maybe I'm afraid of PAIN. 

A small cozy treatment room and hygiene is a top priority here, as it should be, and they are the first salon to introduce the "No Double Dipping" commandment. 

As she lathered warm wax on to my legs, she talk to me so we have relaxing normal treatment. She's a Chinese woman and she told me that she also fasting today because she feel that the fasting is a "miracle cure" because our physical conditions improved and naturally detox. We talked quite a lot and the most funny thing was when I tell her that my husband is a Chef, and she also want a  Chef husband but only work for hotel because if she marry a regular street Chef; her life will end-up at the front table with his husband playing 'pakau' and all their kids are plying with dogs. Hahahaha!  

The entire treatment goes on about 15 minutes. For me, it is lees pain and my legs feel very smooth! RM52 for the treatment and I'm so satisfied with the Strip and I'll come every month. 

Commonly, people will ask us if we go there for Brazillian Wax. Yeaahhh.. maybe next time for me because like I said, I can't handle the PAIN. I do really have a tons of question about Brazilian Waxing before I did it :D *you will just be curious like me if you're a first timer*

Common Questions.
Why is Brazilian Waxing so POPULAR?
Why Brazilian Waxing is WORTHY?
Does Brazilian Waxing has SIDE EFFECTS on our skin/health?
Is the process SCARY?

Just so you know, the STRIP boasts experience that spans over 3 million "bushes" and counting; so they definitely know what they're doing. If you want to get waxed, there's just no doubting that they are the people you should be going to.

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