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Wednesday 27 August 2014

Al - Fatihah...

April 17, 2013 was a date my father died due to a sudden heart attack while driving a car. My mom seated beside him and she's recite a syahadah to my father. I've got a call from my sister at 6am and she's told me to come home quickly, our father was gone! I was crying all the way from Penang to Ipoh, how I regret I don't have any chances to ask for forgiveness. This entire thing happen within minutes, it makes me think how God takes my father so easy & quick, how God love my father without suffering him from dying. 

I wish if my father still alive, he can see how his children get achievements in life. I bought a new car in July and at night I was dreaming my father drove my new car! I wish my father can see us from there; my little brother got straight A's in PMR, my sister got a new job, me myself simply got a new job and better offer after my contract expired in Jan'14 and of course my mom whose struggling from grieved and to be woke up to see so much joy and love from her children. 

This is not a story to ask for sympathy but to tell how to appreciate someone that we love the most. Keep praying for forgiveness and for those we love are always protected by Allah s.w.t....

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